Modern vintage

IRMHILD can be many things but one thing is always certain: it is a space for good conversation and new ideas.

A 1950s apartment aged with patina, yet anything but outdated. Karin Guldenschuh has transformed this apartment into the IRMHILD Workspace: a think tank in the heart of Bregenz. Yesterday’s charm inspires the ideas of today.

Stay beautiful

At IRMHILD, beauty is not an end in itself but a formula for success. Artwork and classic design blend elegantly with mid-century style. Moveable tables designed by Achille and Pier Castiglioni, lighting fixtures by Bernard Schottlander and Bernard-Albin Gras, chairs by Jørgen Rasmussen, ceramics by David Chipperfield, and cutlery by Ettore Sottsass – and many more details that not only appeal to the eye.

Functional stackable coffeehouse seating can be adapted to your needs. A flipchart is transformed from a blackboard to a table in the blink of an eye, while flexible mattresses used as ottomans are quickly converted into a chaise longue. If you have time, lose yourself in the library, relax at the bar, or chat away in the kitchen.

IRMHILD connects the pleasurable with the practical. Fullness and emptiness fuels reflection and focused thinking.
Karin Guldenschuh, host

This former apartment and home to the private practice of an ophthalmologist named Irmhild, had remained empty for a long time, making it even more remarkable that the original furniture from the 1950s is still well preserved. Business consultant and author Karin Guldenschuh was so impressed by her discovery that she decided to turn the space into a think tank. A space for growth, creation, and discourse.

Hosting Laboratory

IRMHILD is a space full of possibilities. Within this space, Karin Guldenschuh has put into practice a variety of things that she learned from the region’s best hosts as a mentor with the network Gastgeben auf Vorarlberger Art. IRMHILD is also listed with Convention Partner Vorarlberg. This platform for meeting venues is dedicated to the culture of the encounter.

IRMHILD ist ein selten gewordenes Juwel der 1950er Architektur.
Convention Partner Vorarlberg

Your workspace in Bregenz

If you want to hold a meeting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, IRMHILD is exactly right for you. Karin Guldenschuh and Gabriela Madlener are happy to provide the ideal setting for your meeting – also with catering on request. During school holidays, IRMHILD is also available to let as a home away from home.


Kleines Wunder.

Verena Konrad, Direktorin vai
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Hier ist es gut, sagt unsere Erfahrung.

Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten and gutwärts – Fürnschuss und Partner

Der Raum macht aus unserem Team eine Familie.

Patricia Verocai, Head of Digital CX Innovation Zumtobel Lighting

Ein inspirierender Raum für unsere Frischzellenkur.

Platform Digitale Initiativen Dornbirn

Ein gelungener Workshop-Tag in einer top Umgebung.

Markus Demolsky, Axon Ivy Wien

Alles Bestens.

Martina Nussbaumer, Omicron

Ein wundervoller Platz für Gedanken.

Henning Kotzott, Student

#placetobe #spaceforideas #inspiration

Christina Rittchen, mental coach and digital nomad

Warmly hosted by Karin Guldenschuh.

Anja Neumann, Marketing & Sales Convention Partner Vorarlberg

#myvintagebregenzflat #lifeinblue

Orly Zailer, photo artist Israel

Sehr zu empfehlen. Ich habe dort wunderbar geschlafen.

Elisabeth Eberle, artist Zurich

#oldfriends #newplaces

Carola Schneider, ORF Russia correspondent

Die Raeume tun gut.

Manuela Lehner-Kuenz, management consultant and philosopher

Danke an das Irmhild-Workspace-Team fuer die wunderbare Gastgeberschaft.

Gerhard Stuebe, Managing Director of Kongresskultur Bregenz

IRMHILD, das sind ‚gestimmte’ Raeume fuer das gute Gespraech.

Gabriele Walch, organizational consultant MCV

Ein unvergesslicher Festspielsommer in einer unvergesslichen Wohnung.

Julia Zulus, oboist at the Vienna Symphony Orchestra